First time blogger. Millionth time woe-er.

I, like my username, am a middle school teacher. I am young, and I am gray. No, not my skin. My hair. My 20-something hair has lovely, silvery strands streaming through the brown, and I can’t stop it. I am not here simply to whine, mind you, but if you are another teacher, you know whining is like breathing. I whine, my husband whines, my dog whines (dachshund probs, amirite?), and my students whine. And even though I know, I know, it’s annoying, I can’t seem to stop.

So here I am. Telling my woes to the world – or the ten people who will maybe read this someday – in hopes that:

  1. I can finally have normal human interactions if I have the opportunity to release said “whine” online.
  2. I can make someone smile at least once from my nonsensical stream of consciousness.
  3. I can have someone else understand what the love/hate relationship with teaching is like.



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